About Andrew

MSU James Madison College, student portraits, 1/31/15
Andrew Gibson


Hello and Welcome!  I created this blog to share some of the academic work that I have been doing and the ideas that I have been trying to work through in graduate school.  I hope it can both introduce readers to thinkers, topics, and theories that many might be unfamiliar with while also engaging readers who have similar academic interests as I do.

Currently, I am a Masters student in the Masters of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS) at the University of Chicago where I study political theory.  In Chicago, I have focused on Florentine political thought (Machiavelli, Guicciardini, and Savonarola), 20th-century German thought (Schmitt, Strauss, and Heidegger), and Enlightenment Political Thought (Rousseau and Kant).  Before coming to Chicago, I earned my B.A. in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from James Madison College at Michigan State University where I was introduced to political philosophy and began to study it seriously.  When it comes to education and career, I know that my long-term goals will always revolve around the attempt to reconcile the tension between the theory and practice of politics.

For more information, check out my CVacademia.edu account, or social media links on the sidebar.  Thanks for stopping by!